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Keep Things Fresh and Exciting! - #SpokoTips - 3.4.22

We spend a lot of time on the internet. You, reading this right now sure. But also us, learning about the best ways to most efficiently grow your digital marketing footprint using your website and SEO, social media marketing, and online customer reviews. Here are a few tips we've dug up recently:


Keep it fresh!

Keep your YouTube videos moving along. Having the same shot for too long makes things stale, increasing the odds that viewers are going to lose interest and move onto another video. Keep things interesting by using different camera angles, cutting into a close up shot, or using b-roll footage of what you're talking about.


Engage with people.

Pick a hashtag related to your industry, search for all posts that mention it, and strike up a conversation. Last week we talked about how you should be talking about your business on LinkedIn. So are other people! Check out what they're saying, and what kind of value you can offer them. Are they struggling with a problem you solved last week? Did they offer a great solution to something you just came across? Can you congratulate someone for achieving something that you hope to accomplish?


Let others do the work.

Just because you're in a bit of a creative block and can't think of new content to post, doesn't mean you can't post! Put out a call out or contest to get user generated content (UGC), and use those posts in your marketing! People love already love your product, and love having their content shared, so put that UGC to good use!


Use bid cap ads.

This is a little more technical, but start using bid cap ads. This means that Meta will only show ads to people if it keeps the cost below a certain threshold, as opposed to showing ads consistently throughout the day, no matter the cost per action.


Let your hair down.

All social media platforms are creative in one way or another. TikTok though, is really where you can let things loose and have some fun with it. Be fun, candid, and share what's going on around your workplace! If you've ever thought of an idea and then said to yourself "that's so funny, but I can't put that on LinkedIn", then TikTok is probably the perfect place for it!

Drop us a comment, which social media platform do you spend the most time on as a consumer?

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