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Chris is the founder of SpokoMedia.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Chris currently lives in St. Boniface. After graduating from St. Paul’s High School and the University of Manitoba, he worked at a local public accounting firm. He took over their social media accounts before realizing he was in fact a creative at heart. He brings the analytical and data management skills he learned as an accountant to marketing, merging the best of both worlds in an all encompassing approach.

Chris Malkiewicz

About Us

What's a "Spoko"?

Our founder, Chris Malkiewicz, is very tied to his Polish heritage, and wanted to reflect that through his company. "Spoko" is short for "spokojnie" (spo-koi-nieh) which means "relax" or "calm down" in Polish. So, don't know anything about marketing? Spokojnie, we've got you covered. And, there you go.

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