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How much are our services going to run you?

Scroll to see a selection of our packages, or download a PDF below. 

Don't see anything that fits your needs? SpokoMedia specializes in creating custom plans based on your needs and budget. Contact us today for a personalized quote! 


Frequently Asked Questions about Pricing

are the Packages on Your Pricing Page the onlY ones You offer?

No! It's just a sample of what's available. If you have something in mind that we haven't mentioned, reach out to today and we'd be happy to put together a package that best fits your needs.

what does "unique Posts Per week" mean?

"Unique Posts Per Week" are the number of individual images or videos created for posting. Captions and copywrite will be tailored to the social media platform the image is to be posted to in order to maximize reach, impact, and community building.

what does "social media management" mean?

Always included is the posting of all content created by SpokoMedia, responding to comments and messages from your followers, monthly analytical reports, and curating your feeds to ensure consistent branding, creating the community that will propel your business forward.

what does "social media outreach" mean?

SpokoMedia will reach out on your behalf, liking, commenting, and interacting with potential customers before they discover you, leading to the growth of your online community, increased brand awareness, and more conversions.

what does "monthlY Included ad sPend" mean?

No matter your package, 10% goes directly back into your business as a set ad spend budget, further
extending your reach and introducing new customers to your business. Additional advertising and advertising campaign management to further grow your reach or advertise a particular product or service will come at an additional cost.

what does "+ 49% of Yt revenue" mean?

It's how we're able to keep your costs low as we provide you with increasing value! After meeting the
requirements to join the YouTube Partner Program, you can monetize your YouTube channel and share in the advertising revenue brought in by YouTube. YouTube will pay you for having people watch your videos, and we share a portion of that revenue.

okaY, But whY is that Part of Your Pricing structure?

Consider it as a promise to you. By taking a portion of the revenue your YouTube videos earn, we have skin in the game. We want you to succeed because it helps us succeed! We promise to do our very best to deliver the highest value, best quality, engagement-driving videos to help you perform well and get your business noticed!

what if mY Business is usuallY content with a certain Package, But we need a Bit extra to Promote a new Product or service?

No worries, the packages outlined indicate the minimum deliverables for the stated monthly fee. Need an extra post or two to get things going? We got you. And sometimes, we're all caught up on our work, so we'll get some extra posts out just to keep things rolling.

what if we consistentlY want more Posts than is outlined in our Package?

We want to provide as much value to you as we can, but we also can't be taken advantage of. This is why we reserve the right to offer you a new package more in line with your needs if you ask us to exceed the output of the monthly contract for 50% of months over four months or more.

Example: Let's say you've signed up for the basic package, which comes with two posts a week, and
you've been with SpokoMedia from March to June. In March and May, the two posts per week worked great for you, but in April and June, you asked us for 3 posts a week. After reaching out to you and discussing things together, we determine that 3 posts a week is a better fit, and we offer you a new, custom-made package for July.

Ready to get Started?

Contact us today to get your free digital marketing analysis and price quote!











+49% of YT revenue






Super Plus



+49% of YT revenue





Unique Posts Per Week*

Social Media Management**

Social Media outreach***

YouTube (YT) Video

Monthly included Ad Spend

*Each post is crafted as an image or short video by our creative team to have users stop scrolling and pay attention to your business. Then we give the creative to our copywriters to engineer captions that are helpful, entertaining, thought-provoking, or all three to provide maximum value and turn followers into customers!

**Included in every SpokoMedia offering is the development, execution, and curation of your company brand and community. We closely monitor your social feeds to respond to all comments, direct messages, and mentions in a timely manner. We heavily critique our own posting schedule to post when your followers will see you. We provide monthly performance analytics and analysis reporting, so you know exactly the state of your social media accounts. We take the burden of running your own social media away so you can focus on what you do best, because this is what we do best.

***Sometimes you have to introduce yourself first. With social media outreach, we reach out on your behalf, commenting and liking our way into the hearts and minds of people who don’t yet follow you to introduce them to your company. With this offering, our clients have seen their followers grow an additional 4.3% compared to clients who opt out of outreach!

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