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Use Features to Your Advantage! - #SpokoTips - 2.25.22

We spend a lot of time on the internet. You, reading this right now sure. But also us, learning about the best ways to most efficiently grow your digital marketing footprint using your website and SEO, social media marketing, and online customer reviews. Here are a few tips we've dug up recently:


Use their features!

For two reasons:

  • New features get shown by the organic algorithm more to people who aren't following you. Notice how currently when you're scrolling Instagram and you see a post from someone you don't follow (not a sponsored post), it's always a reel? That's not by accident.

  • They want to keep you in their "insta-ecosystem". They want users on the app for as long as possible, to maximize their own revenue. So, go out of your way to use features that take longer to consume like reels and carousel posts.


Speak to the demographic.

23.1% of Facebook users are 45 years old or older ( Sure, that doesn't seem like a lot, but when you factor in that they have the largest user base of any social media platform at 262 million, that equals a lot of Gen X and baby boomers.

Use this to your advantage, if you're a company that makes a product or offers a service catered to a slightly older clientele, go after the Facebook audience. And if the target demographic is the elderly? 65+? Who Statista says only account for 5.3% of Facebook's users? Target them and their children, making posts contextual to each generation.


Reframe your content.

You've likely already invested a lot of time and effort into the content you post to YouTube. Don't let that all go to waste! Re-edit your video, extracting short clips for posting to all the other social media channels. Use these teaser posts to Instagram, LinkedIn, etc to then steer more traffic toward your YouTube page.


Get up in your business.

Simply put, LinkedIn is for sharing business-related content.

Oh wait, did you think that because you're in the natural cosmetics industry, and not public accounting or law, you can't post to LinkedIn?

Well, you have a natural cosmetics business, don't you? Talk about it! What's going well? Have you used a new software tool that's increasing conversions or productivity? What was the hardest part about hiring your newest employee? Post about your business, because like-minded people are having the same issues and questions as you, and any feedback is always appreciated.


Hook them in.

Attention span has to be at an all-time low, right? It's part of the reason TikTok shot up in popularity in the first place. Easily digestible video clips that provide an immediate dopamine hit before you move on to the next one.

What's made the platform great is also what you need to be most conscious of when posting content to it. Be sure to provide a hook: a statement, comment, or question that indicates what the post is going to be about, and why viewers should watch the whole thing within the first few seconds ("few" being 5-7). Pique the viewer's interest to get them to watch the whole thing!

BONUS TIP: TikTok Part 2s

Don't take the "pique the viewers interest..." thing too far. Fit your idea into one post. TikTok-ers that set up a story in one post, only to leave us hanging on "like and follow for part 2!" (which inevitably comes a day or two later) are the worst.

Know someone that could use these tips? Please share this article with them!

Drop a line in the comments: Which social media platform(s) do you struggle most with? What should we cover in the next #spokotips?

Hope these help :)

-The SpokoTeam


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