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Get your business a customized marketing plan today

Let’s cut to it: 


If you think you might be interested in hiring a company to do something, you’re going to want some kind of showing of power. You want to know that if you’re paying us money, we’re going to give you our best effort.


How about we show you our best effort without you paying us money?


That’s where this page comes into play.


When you take 15 short minutes out of your day to fill out the survey below, you’ll get a free marketing plan that is customized to your business and delivered to your inbox within two business days.


We get it, you’re skeptical - as you should be. And so was Steve, a Winnipeg business owner that recently filled out the survey. Let’s talk about Steve:


Steve received an e-mail from us saying that we could offer him a free marketing plan, and he filled out the survey because he figured “why not?”. He fully expected this to be something completely copy and pasted, or a simple PDF that was sent to everyone who submitted their info with generic tips like “show your personality” and “be better at social media”, but wanted to see if he could maybe get a shred of insight somewhere.


Steve was blown away. We called him a little while later to see what he thought of the plan and he said:


“You know, you fill something out online to get a free thing - why not? Most things for free on the internet are complete crap - but this thing was really extensive, it blew me away. It’s going to take a little while for me and the team to digest it all.”

  • How do we do that? Using our SpokoCreate methodology, we’ll analyze your business using the information you give us and show you:


    • How to get more people to know your business

      • How to target specific niches in your marketing, sales efforts, ads so you reach the most amount of people while increasing your conversion rate

      • How to craft a message that resonates with customers like never before (both on a global scale for your company, as well as individualized and adaptable for specific types of customers)

      • Social media strategy and content ideas

      • A cold outreach strategy you can implement ASAP

      • Lead Magnet Mayhem How To: how to select, create, and distribute a lead magnet that gets potential customers knocking down your door

    • How to get people that know your business to buy from you

      • CRM suggestions, tips and tricks for following up with potential customers

      • Newsletter content ideas that will never run out

      • Our SME Super Signature System How To that will do the selling for you, so you never need to think

      • A diabolical direct mail strategy

      • Sales-tools Stratagem How To: win customers without discounting

    • How to extract more revenue from your current customers

      • Customer Experience Execution How To: low or no-cost ways to amplify your customer experience and allow you to charge more than you ever have

      • Strategies and ideas to implement add-ons, up-sells, and subscription services to your existing business and increase your customer’s lifetime value

      • Strategies and ideas to reactivate previous customers

      • How to get your customers to bring you new customers, reliably and effectively.

    • And much more. Literally, if we think of an idea that will generate more leads, revenue, or repeat business - it goes in the plan.

So here’s the deal:


We want to give you a free marketing plan that will skyrocket your business growth. We want to show you the best marketing channels and strategies for your business. We want to help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges. We want to make your marketing easy and effective.


All you have to do is fill out a short 15 minute survey below.


Once you submit the survey, we will get to work on your free marketing plan. We will analyze your answers, put SpokoCreate to work, and create a customized marketing plan for you. No more than two business days later, you’ll receive your shiny new marketing plan straight to your inbox. 


The plan will be yours to keep and use as you wish. You can follow the plan and implement the recommendations yourself, or you can hire us to do it for you. It’s up to you. There is no obligation to buy anything from us. 


Sound fair enough? Great. Check out the survey below:


(A little tip: Use your browser's scroll bar to view the entire section of the web page that the form is located in. There's a cookie opt-in from Adobe you need to click through before you can start the form.)

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