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Social Media Marketing Experts

We help businesses struggling with the rapidly changing social media landscape to attract followers, customers, and revenue and free up their time using our proprietary SpokoCreate method, so they can get back to doing what they do best.

We're Changing the Game.

Social media marketing for too many businesses is just a series of advertisements and we're here to change that. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box while focusing on value. Both how we can provide maximum value to you, and how our services can provide maximum value to your current and future customers through digital marketing.

How Do We Attack This?

Our service includes a comprehensive analysis of what you've accomplished online already, specifically honing in on things that could be holding you back. We then suggest remedies to maximize your growth on platforms you've already engaged and suggest platforms and strategies to expand your digital marketing. The best part? The analysis and recommendations are completely free, and yours to keep whether we partner together or not.

Sounds Great! How Do We Get Started?

First, say "Hi" by clicking the button below and sending us an e-mail. Within 24 hours we'll reach out with a timeline and any questions we might have for you, and then get right to work! Over the following few days, we'll put together our in-depth analysis of your online presence, remedies, and expansion plan, and submit to you a proposal for our services. After that? Global domination.  

About Us

Local Presence, Global Vision

Winnipeg is home. Always will be. We understand that and love our great city and the wealth of businesses that make our city unique. We also know that while you may have humble beginnings in the heart of the prairies, you've got big aspirations. So do we! As Winnipeg's newest digital marketing agency, we have the tools and novel ideas to make your vision of global domination come to life. 

Global Domination? Great! But How?

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What social media marketing tips did we dig up this week? 2.25.22

Getting Started with the Digital Manitoba Initiative

Funding for the DMI has re-opened. How can that help your business with digital and social media marketing?


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